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God Loves People

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered about Romans 16 and why it is in our Bible? Paul spends an entire chapter giving his greetings to dozens of people with unusual names. Perhaps as you’ve read through the critical, doctrinal masterpiece of Romans you’ve wondered why this matters.

Rufus is called “chosen of the Lord” and his mother was like a mother to Paul. Ampliatus is one that Paul, “loves in the Lord.” Andronicus and Junias are some relatives of Paul’s who had to been to prison with him. Mary worked “very hard” for the Roman churches.

Wow, I wonder what Paul would say about me if we spent some time together. Would I be noted like Apelles, “tested and approved in Christ”? Perhaps like Urbanus, a “fellow worker”? Or maybe like Gaius, whose hospitality Paul “and the whole church here enjoy.”

What about you? What would Paul say about your character, work ethic and the way you treat others? Would you make it into his letter at all?

I think Romans 16 is a wonderful chapter and I often read it to remind myself that God loves people. I know that is so basic. But sometimes we must return to the fundamentals. God loves people. God uses people to help others and meet their needs. He could do “ministry” so much more efficiently Himself and with some angels. But He uses us. He teaches us as we stumble around trying to serve others.

Max Lucado says it this way, “I don’t know what is more incredible: that God packages the bread of life in the wrapper of a country carpenter or that he gives us the keys to the delivery truck.” You’ve got the keys. I hope you will make a special delivery today and be Christ to others.

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