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Haiti 10, January 2015: Tuesday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Today was a very productive day here at Jacob’s Well. We started off the day with a delicious breakfast of eggs, pates (pastries filled with sausage), and toast with mamba and homemade grapefruit jelly. Yum! After breakfast, the team split up into multiple groups and worked hard to prepare the camp grounds for camp. Some of the projects included mowing (Haitian style with machetes), gathering and preparing equipment for activities, preparing the archery and riflery ranges, re-building the 9-square grid, hanging tarps for drama and many other things.

Another crew of guys started on the week-long task of calculating the electrical load of the entire campus to give to Sonlight Power, Inc ( who will be bringing a team to Jacob’s Well in the future to re-wire the site and install solar power as a long term sustainable energy source. Konrad and Jeremy became a “fix-it-all” maintenance crew primarily focusing on making a welding repair on the 3-point hitch on the tractor, which needed to be fixed to mow some of the larger areas at camp. Dan, our team’s radio specialist, spent the day assessing the radio station, and successfully repaired the transmitter which was only broadcasting at 75 watts, but now is transmitting at over 175 watts!

After a lunch of spicy chicken salad sandwiches, some of the team continued to work on the preparation projects, while others assisted with our first afternoon of staff training. Lisa took pictures for the staff nametags, and Hans and Stuart, through the help of Betty as a translator, did most of the actual training on how to interact with campers and serve the Lord excellently on camp staff. They will be back again tomorrow for some more specific activity and schedule training, so please pray that it will go smoothly and that the counselors would understand how to effectively serve the Lord and share the truth of the Gospel with the campers.

Of course, we can’t go through a day without some time with the village kids :), so. . . before dinner, we headed over to the village field to play with the children of Tse Guinea. They have already learned all of the new team member’s names, and enjoyed playing soccer, hand clap games, duck-duck-goose, and trying to teach the Americans how to say words in Creole. I think they have already stolen the hearts of everyone on the team.

For dinner, we enjoyed spaghetti with meat sauce and a delicious desert similar to pound cake with sauce on top. After cleaning up from dinner, we continued our Ezra study with an in depth look at Ezra 1. After going through the chapter as a team, we discovered that the main points and ideas came down to this: God is sovereign; He can use anyone to carry out His plans; and ultimately, He keeps His word. What wonderful truths to know as we are here serving the Lord and trusting that He will use us for His glory here in Haiti. The team is now enjoying fellowship on the hill that we call the “attic” under the beautiful Haitian night sky. Never mind… they are back… apparently you guys are getting a longer update than you bargained for. 🙂 As we head to sleep, please pray for quiet dogs and roosters during the night and another productive day of preparation tomorrow. So far, the team is all well and strong, but please continue to pray for good health and energy. We appreciate all of your prayers for us!

Bon Nwit!

Haiti 10 Team

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