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Haiti 11, January 2016: Tuesday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Bon Nwit (Good Evening) from Jacob’s Well. Our first full day was a productive one. After a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, peppers, toast (along with Haitian peanut butter and homemade jelly) and their famous coffee, we split into three teams: construction, camp onsite and camp offsite. Camp offsite is simply taking camp to surrounding villages, a concept that is reaching lots of kids for Christ in the states.

Camp onsite prepped activity areas including bb guns, archery, 9 Square in the Air, gaga, crafts and the Bible Drama series on David. Camp offsite got together several activities “to go” including a parachute, steal the bacon, soccer with portable goals and a pipe cleaner craft. Construction projects ranged from electrical troubleshooting, tractor oil change, mowing, trenching (by hand), putting together the drinking fountain and some routine maintenance around the cabins and showerhouse.

The offsite camp crew decided to test out some of their games on the camp’s athletic field which attracted dozens of kids giving many of the team their first chance to interact with Haitians. As we tore ourselves away from the kids, we made our way back to the main camp and had a chicken and cheese po’ boy lunch to fuel our afternoon of…

Meeting the Haitian staff! When we first came to Jacob’s Well in 2007, we had two goals:

  1. Teach Haitians how to do camp

  2. Expose FC staff to cross cultural missions

So, what would camp be without Haitians to work with? They are the ones that will carry on the ministry after we go home, and so it was our pleasure to welcome over 40 Haitian young adults who were eager to get an overview of the camp schedule and try out some of the activities. They each got a red, Jacob’s Well staff shirt, and they headed home to rest up for the first day of camp tomorrow. Tomorrow they will lead out offsite and onsite in all the activities and small group debriefing after messages and Bible drama.

Just before dinner half of our team went back to the field to play with kids and the other half hiked up to the cross on top of the mountain. We teamed up again under the pavilion for a rice and beef supper topped off with a great cake. Hans gave another installment in our study on David, we prayed and headed off to showers and bed. There was some excitement amongst one of the cabins since one of those maintenance requests was plugging a hole on said cabin where we believe a large rat came in and raced across one of the beds…with a team member in it! With that hole plugged, they are expecting a better night’s sleep.

Good night from Haiti!

Matt Raines for the team

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