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Haiti 7, January 2012: Wednesday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

From the Haiti team:

Hello, Everyone! Well, camp ended today… With a grand finale’ of a Royal Campfire, Frontier Camp style… Complete with testimonies from campers, leaders, and Americans speaking of what God has done in their lives this week. This is hopefully the start of a new tradition at Jacob’s Well… And it got off to a great start! At the end, everyone had S’mores and were very pleased with that treat! It was a sunny day… However, NOW it is raining like crazy… AGAIN! We had a dry day until 20 min ago, though, so two days of camp with no rain was a blessing.

Last night most of the team hiked up to “the attic”… The highest point on Jacob’s Well property… Up the terraced mountainside that is steep and high. Travis (from Austin) and Michael (Meyerdirk) brought their guitars and we had an awesome time of praise and worship up on the mountain. It was beautiful and felt like the angels were singing with us… Beautiful harmony and just a special time with friends and God.

The morning started out with saying good-bye to our friends Steve and Travis from Austin, who left camp at 0730 to make their flights back through Cap Haitian and Fort Lauderdale. We loved having these guys here with us… And tonight we read a tender letter from Travis, who really bonded with our team in just a few days. The morning also realized that the cistern had run dry overnight, so there was no water pressure for toilets, showering, and doing dishes. TIH (This is Haiti.) However, one of the main projects today was to run all the cable/wiring to the generator that will pump the water from the cistern, etc, and this was a MAJOR achievement and everyone is so happy to have finished that project.

Now that camp is over and work-projects are done, we’re planning a play-day for tomorrow. Most of the team is going to hike/climb to the Citadel… A one-of-a-kind castle/fort on top of a mountain that is as unique as the Great Pyramids. Others are foregoing that difficult hike to shop in Cap Haitian and relax at a hotel pool for a couple of hours. (Guess which one that “I” am doing!?). Haha. The plan is to have breakfast at 0530 and leave by 0600… To hike as much as possible before it gets too hot. Bedtime is at 9:30 tonight… SHARP! (There were NO complaints on that one!)

I will try to send one more update tomorrow night, but when I get home, I’ll send a good email WITH PHOTOS!!! I wish I could have sent pictures all week long, but thanks for your patience, and you’ll see pictures and hear stories from us real soon!

Good night! Love and JOY from Haiti,

Karin M.

That’s all for tonight. Sleep well.

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