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Haiti 9, January 2014: Tuesday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Bonswa from our Team down in Haiti. Everyone is doing great but tired after a wonderful day of camp. Today was the second day of camp at Jacob’s Well, and it turned out to be a huge improvement from yesterday. Yesterday was a great day of camp, but the Haitian staff is still learning their roles. After getting some good motivation from their leader Peter Marc, they stepped up and did a wonderful job leading the cabins and activities today! We were very proud of them!

Anyway…I’m jumping ahead of myself…

We started the day off strong with Haitian Coffee (of course!) along with grapefruit juice, toast with mamba and jelly, and eggs (both scrambled and boiled). The Haitian staff got the kids checked in quickly and off to their 1st period of activities. The morning went very smoothly through the two activities and Bible drama. This morning in the drama, Naomi advised Ruth to go to the threshing floor to meet Boaz who offered his kinsman redemption to her, and this afternoon ended with the two of them getting married and the birth of their son, Obed (the Grandfather of King David). Lunch was served in only 45 minutes today, another big improvement! The campers and our team enjoyed rice and beans with meat sauce on top for lunch. Overall, camp went very well today including all the activities. During our activity updates from each of our team members today, our Archery instructor, Hope, mentioned an issue with losing arrows in the pineapple grove. Next, our Riflery instructor mentioned that they had an issue with losing bb’s as well. Haha! Thanks, Grace!

Some of us focused this morning and this afternoon on the final phase of re-plumbing the shower-house as well as finishing installing the last three sheets of roofing on the dining pavilion. After many, many issues with completing the plumbing job over the last four days, we are happy to announce we are 99% leak free… for now.. A huge improvement! However we were unable to complete without a minor incident. Hans, while gluing a PVC joint above his head, had a drop of glue fall in his eye. After rinsing and flushing, lots of eye drops and a cool eye patch put on by his loving wife, he is feeling much better. God is good, but pray for continued healing for his eye, which is still a little irritated.

Another project that some of our team worked on today was getting the Radio Station closer to sending out the Gospel to the majority of the Limbe River Valley, about 100,000 people. This project was headed up by Dan Wales with the help of Gabe, and they were successful in getting the studio equipment to transmit via the low power transmitter which reaches the local village of Ti Guinea. Tomorrow, they hope to get power to the large antenna located on the “Attic” hill, allowing the signal to reach throughout the valley.

This evening we were served a delicious cheesy pasta with barbeque chicken and cabbage salad with the Haitian pastries for dessert. After dinner, while some team members were cleaning up for dinner, some of us were having issues with our SteriPENs. We thought we might have to boil water the rest of the week, but then we found some new lithium batteries. It turns out the water filter system is working as well. Praise the Lord!

Our evening devotion in Jeremiah highlighted chapter 16 where God tells Jeremiah of the coming destruction and deportation of the people of Judah, but also gave hope for the future restoration of the nation of Israel. Part of this prophecy was fulfilled in 1948 when the Nation of Israel was re-formed in the original land promised to them in Genesis!

Now most of the team has showered and headed off to bed after a quick hike to see the stars from the “Attic.” Pray for sleepy dogs, quiet chickens, and cool winds tonight.. AKA a restful night of sleep before our last day of camp tomorrow! We appreciate all your prayers!

Bon Nwit!

Jack Watkins

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