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You Have to Practice

Updated: Mar 6, 2022


They start offering me all of these discs of differing sizes, colors and shapes. However, the problem is that one disc is designed to go this way, one that way, one straight and long, one straight and short…I mean they even have a disc called a putter! I get frustrated and just play the entire course with one disc. And, the result is those guys whip me every time.

Why do I consistently lose to Bill and Stuart? Because they practice. They have put in time to get to know each different type of Frisbee and are able to use the right one in the right situation.

You know God’s Word is like that. The author of Hebrews calls the Bible a sword. If you want to properly handle a sword, you have to practice. You have to study the art of swordsmanship if you want to triumph in a sword fight. If you go in swinging blindly, your opponent will side step you and stab you in the back as you go by. If you don’t even know which end to pick up, you’re likely to cut yourself.

frisbee golf sign - smaller

If you want to properly handle the Bible, you have to practice. You have to study the Word. You have to consult with those more learned than you. Then, when you’re faced with a “long drive” or a “short putt”, you’ll know just what verse to turn to in order to meet the need.

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