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For nearly two decades, Frontier Camp has had the privledge to head to Haiti and support our sister camp of Jacob's Well. Jacob’s Well Ministry Center is located an hour away, on bumpy half-paved mountainous roads, from Cap Haitien along Haiti’s northern shoreline.

When we reach Jacob’s Well in the village of Tse Guinea—sweaty, dusty, and tired from travel—the children run out to greet us and jog alongside the vehicle, calling out the names of staffers that they remember from previous trips.

Without fail, team members who moments before looked ready to fall asleep on their feet, brighten when they hear the children calling, because that is why they have come.

Frontier Camp has been partnering with a Haitian couple, Pastor Gersan Valcin and his wife Betty, to develop the first Christian youth camp in Haiti. Over that time, the ministry has grown by leaps and bounds, resulting not only in a youth camp, but also the establishment of a church, radio and TV station, and a host of community development projects.

But the children look forward most to camp and so do the Frontier Camp staff.

During our trips to Jacob's Well, we work with the Haitian camp leadership to run a day camp program at Jacob’s Well, train staff, and assist with light construction and work projects on the campus. We will also have the opportunity to take camp on the road and run VBS-style programs in one or more other locations, exponentially increasing the number of children who will get to experience safe camp fun and solid Biblical teaching!

Over the years that Frontier Camp has been taking this trip, the Lord has caused an incredible transformation in the village where Jacob’s Well is located. We believe that God will continue to use Jacob’s Well and its ministry to kids to change the nation of Haiti with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Will you consider partnering with us—prayerfully and financially—to support this ministry? Each team members are responsible for raising $1800 for the total trip cost. This covers airfare, transportation, camp supplies, ministry support, and food for team members, Haitian staff, and all the campers who will be attending. Donations are eligible for a tax donor receipt. Frontier Camp will also send you a prayer guide for the trip!

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