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Where else do you get to choose what activities you do every day? Every Junior Camper chooses 4 classes (and 2 alternates) to participate in every day. The only downside to this is that you do have to choose, because you won’t have time to do them all!


Adventure Challenge

These classes are for the camper who wants a little extra excitement during their week at camp! Campers will enjoy a different activity every day at one of our challenge course elements while learning teamwork, pushing themselves to do things they’ve never done before, and conquering their fears.


Learn the basics of shooting arrows with compound bows. Bows and arrows are properly fitted to the size of the archer and appropriate safety measures are taught and strictly enforced. Target practice, competitions and a safe “hunt” for target animals off in the woods at the end of the week are all part of this classic camp activity.


Camping Classics

Camping Classics offers various camping-related activities in a relaxed setting throughout the week. Activities include hammocking, canoeing, tent raising, and fishing from a pontoon boat on Houston County Lake! This is an excellent class for campers who love camping in the outdoors and hanging out with new friends. FC Alumni may recognize elements of the old "Boatsmanship" class in the Camping Classics curriculum :-).


Make a different craft each day…all in the air-conditioned comfort of the Craft building. Past crafts have included tie-dye shirts, plaster masks, candles, soap, custom initials, and many more! There are new crafts each summer so come to join us for fun out of the sun!


FC Medley

FC Medley combines longstanding camp favorites, such as Dodgeball and Pitball, with brand new activities such as building/shooting water bottle rockets, playing water balloon field games, and participating in team building challenges. With something new and exciting each day of the week, FC Medley is a great way to enjoy a wide variety of the activities that make camp great!


Horseback riding is a very popular activity at Frontier Camp for both new and returning campers. Campers participating in our Horsemanship Program will enjoy learning new skills, both on and around horses, including the basics of riding and caring for horses. There is a Horsemanship activity skill class for everyone, no matter what their skill level!



A kayak is a small, human-powered boat propelled by a paddle. Our kayaks accommodate one person who sits facing forward. Campers will go from learning to paddle on day one to racing by the end of the week. Fun games like “Gladiator” (a king-of-the-mountain style game played on the bottom of a kayak) and a trip across the lake are included!


Come to enjoy a true camp experience in the outdoors as you embark on an outdoor adventure each day. This camp classic includes new activities every year, such as an archaeological dig site, making insect boxes, or casting animal prints. Other activities include seining in the lake and looking at microscopic life, and going on our signature fossil hunt!



We use competition air rifles and safety is our NUMBER ONE priority at the range. Trained leaders strictly enforce range commands and safety measures. Our range is a standard 50′ distance, ending in a large dirt-mound in a highly protected area of the camp. Practice all week ends with a friendly competition.


This popular class has campers divide into two teams that have friendly games over the course of the week including baseball, gym hockey, volleyball and capture the flag. Keep in mind that though these games may sound traditional each includes an FC twist, which often includes a rubber chicken! Most campers choosing sports take it again and again; come find out why!



Swimming is a class for campers who want to learn to swim or improve their skills. Each day focuses on a new stroke and a fun water game! In addition, kids get extra time to enjoy the swimming pool! Our instructors are certified lifeguards and love to teach beginning swimmers and help more advanced swimmers improve!


Wakeboarding is a surface water sport created from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques. We use top of the line wakeboards and competition ski/wakeboard boats and every rider wears a helmet while wakeboarding. Skiing experience can be helpful but is not required–we teach all levels of riders!

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There’s been waterskiing at Frontier Camp almost as long as there’s been a Frontier Camp! We use top of the line skis and competition ski/wakeboard boats for our popular waterskiing classes. Campers get ski time every day and all ages and skill levels are welcome: we LOVE to teach beginners!

Wilderness Survival Skills

Experience life in the outdoors as you learn how to make fire, build a shelter and practice compass orienteering! Activities change year-to-year but the ever-popular “weapons” day is sure to be found each summer, featuring instruction and safe-handling on throwing tomahawks and spears, and shooting slingshots.



This camp favorite has campers working on at least one wood project each week. Past projects have included bird-houses with a Texas license plate roof, ring-toss games, tool boxes and even soap box derby cars. Projects change each year so there won’t be any repetition. Safe use of hand tools such as hammers, saws and screwdrivers are taught and practiced.

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