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Who, what, when, where and why. Well, maybe not the why, but this will tell you what a typical camp day looks like! Everything you could want to know about all the fun we pack in to a day at camp!


8:15 AM Flagpole

Rise and shine! It’s time for a brand new day at camp! Everybody gathers around the flagpole every morning for mail call, announcements, prayer for our day and a silly song or two. Oh yeah, and we raise the flags!

8:35 AM “Mystery Prophet” Devotions

In true FC style this short morning devotion is taught by two visiting “prophets” from far away. While you’re listening keep your eyes peeled for gorillas, attacking ninjas and rubber snakes. You never know who will show up during Mystery Prophets!


8:50 AM Breakfast

We hope you’re hungry because it’s time to dig in and get some fuel for our day! Homemade biscuits, pancakes, fresh fruit, breakfast tacos, and more; breakfast is many campers’ favorite meal of the day, and with good reason!

9:15 AM Cabin Clean-Up

You know what would happen if we went a whole week without cleaning our cabins? We’re not sure, but our guess is it wouldn’t be good! So we take time to make our beds, sweep, and clean. That way we won’t find anything growing in our socks on Saturday!


10:15 AM Activity Skill Classes

We want camp to be the best week for every camper, so we let them customize their day with the activities they want to do. We have two activity skill classes in the morning and two in the afternoon.

12:30 PM Lunch

We all head inside out of the sun to chow down on some great food and tell our cabin mates about all the exciting things we did that morning! And be sure to eat up, because there’s still a lot of fun left to be had today!


1:00 PM Rest Time

We won’t make you take a nap during this time, but by mid-week, you’ll probably want to! This inside “quiet time” finds campers on their own bunk, resting, writing letters home, or working on Bible memory verses.

1:45 PM Bible Exploration

Singing, sword drills (Bible verse look-up races) and a Bible drama all make up this hour inside. With a new drama based on a Biblical story and a new cast each summer, half the fun of watching the story unfold during the week is trying to figure out who’s playing who.


2:45 PM Trading Post and Gym

At the ol’ FC Trading Post you can trade money for some yummy snacks and drinks! Campers buy off pre-paid credit for the week so they never have to handle cash. There’s plenty of time to grab a snack and still get in some basketball, 9-square, or pit ball games!

3:15 PM Activity Skill Classes

From waterskiing to crafts to archery to horseback riding to ropes course and more, the best part about activities at Frontier Camp is you get to choose your own! Learn something new while having a blast doing what you find interesting and skip the ones that don’t appeal to you!


5:15 PM Bonus Activity Time

It’s free time for those activities you just can’t get enough of! Try out the ropes course, go on a trail ride, play some whiffle ball, or head down to the lake for a water weenie ride! We open different options every day so there’s always something new to try!

6:30 PM Dinner

Some nights we eat dinner in the dining hall, but other nights we head out on the campgrounds for cabin cookouts, hamburgers down at the lake, or BBQ at the rodeo. Wherever we are, the last meal of the day is just the beginning of the evening, so get ready for even more fun!

7:15 PM Evening Activity

The evening is still young, and we’ve got plenty left to do before the sun goes down! From water games (including our camper-favorite shaving cream slide) at the lake, to field games, to the rodeo on Thursday, every day has its own special activity!

8:15 PM Campfire

Not much says camp like a campfire and we have one every night! Campfire includes singing songs and a Biblical message delivered by one of our Full Time or summer leadership staff members. All campfire messages for a week center on a theme and incorporate an object lesson or life story for the campers to relate to.


9:00 PM Trading Post and Gym

It’s back to the gym for TP and one last shot to challenge your counselor in a game of pit ball or four square. Grab a snack and say good-night to your friends and siblings in other cabins as we wind down our day together as a camp.

9:30 PM Showers and Evening Devotions

After a long fun day at camp everyone heads to their cabins for showers and cabin devotions. During devos counselors present a short Bible lesson before everyone hits the sack for the night. Campers often learn more during cabin devos than any other lesson of the day due to the small group setting and ability to easily ask questions.


Friday's schedule is different from the first four days.  Instead of going to their Activity Skill Classes, we have a camp-wide activity in the morning, followed by Bible Exploration. Then in the afternoon, campers have 3 hours of Bonus Activity Time before dinner!

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