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Haiti 12, January 2017: Sunday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Greetings from Haiti! We pray this report finds you, our supporters and prayer warriors, well this evening.

We have had a wonderful day serving the Lord here at Jacob’s Well. The morning began with a bit of a surprise. Without surprises though, it just wouldn’t be Haiti! : ) The cistern pump broke in the night, leaving camp without water. The kitchen ladies have positively amazed us, somehow still feeding over 300 staff and campers all day. (We do have bottled drinking water).

Immediately after breakfast, we walked, carrying our chairs to church in the village. We were blessed by both the beautifully genuine worship led by the young Haitian adults and teens as well as the message from I Samuel 7. Worshiping with our Haitian brothers and sisters always brings us a little closer to how we imagine worship in Heaven will be! We wish you all could have been here with us!

We returned to Jacob’s Well quickly after church as 250 campers and counselors were pouring in through the gates to enjoy their last day of camp here. Without running water, there were some delays; the Haitians inspired us, however, with their flexibility and patience! After royal campfire and sad goodbyes at the gate until next year, five children stayed behind to better understand the Gospel. The Haitian leadership spent considerable time with them, culminating in the salvation of these five children. This is truly why we are here and why your support means so much!!

Our team began breaking down camp and doing a trash walk through the property as Hans, Konrad, and Noah continued helping Gersan and the Ministry Center staff create a temporary repair to get water flowing again. Konrad had a few years taken off his life as he drove Gersan’s truck into the busy town of Limbe and back, but then again, it was a bucket list item!! We are currently and prayerfully waiting for the cistern to fill to see if the engineered makeshift repair will work.

Everyone is well; we are feasting like kings and queens. We are singing a lot together, accompanied by Jordan’s mandolin playing. Our Creole is getting better every day as the Haitians patiently teach us and graciously allow us to attempt to communicate. The team is humble, hard-working, and unified. We are marveling at the actualization of a dream and many prayers – this truly is a Haitian ministry run by Haitians. They are growing spiritually and thriving in their leadership development.

The rest of the week holds at least one more mobile camp in a neighboring village and work projects. Thank you for diligently praying for us. Please continue to pray for safety, wellness, especially with the lack of water (we are using lots of antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer), and for maximum productivity as we attempt to be a blessing to Jacob’s Well ministry and to the Valcin family.

We love you all and can’t wait to share more stories with you in person on our return!

Good night (bon nwit) and God Bless,

Haiti 12 Team

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