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Haiti 12, January 2017: Thursday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Dear Supporters and Prayer Warriors,

We thank God ALWAYS on every remembrance of each one of you! First, let us tell you that we are ALL well and safely here at Jacob’s Well in Haiti. In spite of the unwelcome surprise of a stomach virus just days before our departure, the Lord has shown Himself strong and faithful in the way He has both protected and healed us so that travel was uncharacteristically smooth.

Our journey began yesterday morning with the loading of all the supplies to be brought in to Haiti. Amidst our loading, we received news from our team member, Jack Watkins, that he needed an appendectomy later in the day. We are terribly disappointed by this turn of events, but we are thankful God protected Jack from a dangerous medical event unfolding here in Haiti. Our team convened once again at the always gracious Monson household to pack, pray, last minute shop, and have dinner together. We are grateful to those who fed us a delicious meal!! We then sardined ourselves and all our gear into five vehicles and headed to Kingwood Bible Church, where we spent a brief, but comfortable night. We rolled out at 4:20 am from the church and headed to Bush Intercontinental Airport. Our flights were uneventful, connections were smooth and all our luggage arrived safely in Cap Haitien, with the exception of some BB guns in our checked baggage that our airline deemed firearms, and therefore confiscated (even though the TSA says they’re toys)  Anyhoo. . . 🙂 Thankfully, we have a few BB guns here at camp that can be cleaned and oiled, and we are swallowing our bitterness. 🙂

Haiti is always full of surprises. One surprise was the relative ease of getting through customs, for which we are very grateful. Another surprise was that we traveled to camp from the airport in taxi minivans instead of our customary tap tap. (We fit the entire team in two!!). Beautification continues here on site with ongoing projects, making this not only a fun camp for kids, but a wonderful ministry center.

In past years, we have spent the first two days unpacking and prepping for camp. Due to the fact that the village children go back to school earlier than usual, camp begins tomorrow! Sooo, we hit the ground running with a hurricane of unpacking, sorting, prepping, practicing Bible drama, assembling snack bags, orienting first timers to the layout of camp, and moving in. As always, we are already being spoiled by the gourmet Haitian cuisine we enjoy here!!

As I write, I can already tell that the children will be blessed by the story of Joseph that our drama team is practicing. (Concurrently, Hans will be teaching through the same passages on Joseph each evening as our team devotion.) We will have two teams working with children tomorrow – one at Jacob’s Well with about 200 campers from Tse Guinea and a group at mobile camp at a neighboring village with another 200. Pray for us!! We are blessed with a competent, hard-working, servant-minded team. We need good rest tonight. Pray the dogs will be miraculously silenced, the roosters at rest, and that our sleep will be peaceful and restorative. We are very tired, but so very HAPPY to be here in Haiti!!

Until tomorrow, God Bless and Bon Nwit

Haiti 12 Team

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