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Haiti 13, December 2017 – Saturday Update

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Good evening, dear friends, from our team here at Jacob’s Well in Haiti! We are all so grateful to be here and want to take a moment to say thank you for sending us. We could not be here serving our Haitian friends without you all. It has been a highly productive prep day. We have organized and prepared activities and equipment for camp, which begins Monday morning, as well as decorated the pavilion for a Haitian wedding reception tomorrow afternoon.

Our morning began with a relaxed breakfast at 8:00. Most of the team experienced for the first time some of the special culinary delights here, including mamba (mildly spicy peanut butter), guava jelly, fresh squeezed passion fruit juice, and of course, the famous Jacob’s Well coffee. Following breakfast, we took time to look at the middle of Exodus 2. Moses gets ahead of himself, taking matters into his own hands rather than waiting on the burning bush and his Executive deliverance orders for God’s chosen people.

Afterwards, we got busy prepping crafts, packing camper snack bags, and doing maintenance on recreation equipment. In the village, Haitian camp staff received counselor training from Haitian program director, Schmidt. What a blessing to witness these young Haitian believers taking a strong leadership role and continuing to make Jacob’s Well truly a Haitian-run camp.

Lunch consisted of magical Haitian soup and sandwiches…you just have to experience it to understand. 🙂 Afterwards, we began decorating and preparing the pavilion for the wedding reception we are helping host tomorrow after church.  Our team blew my mind, making do with what we had…almost nothing that we planned on using. Thank you Lord for the enthusiasm and creativity of young people!!

Thank you for praying about our missing suitcases. One personal carry-on was recovered today. Please keep praying that the remaining seven community bags (350 lbs of supplies for Jacob’s Well)  are located and arrive soon.  God will continue to supply. He is ALWAYS faithful.

Our team met over the second half of Exodus 2 following dinner this evening.  Here we got to see Moses realizing he is on hold in a foreign land, but that Yahweh hears, remembers, sees, and KNOWS. Forty years after arriving in Midian, he is more ready to be a humble servant leader than the hotheaded Moses who had to flee Egypt as a murderer years earlier. As we concluded our time of group study, a desperate need summoned four of our girls to the kitchen to repair a three-layer wedding cake that did not survive the washed out roads from Port ‘au Prince. The rest of the team is still in deep discussion with lots of historical and prophetic questions triggered by the biblical text.  Good stuff!

Please pray for our time of worship tomorrow in the local village of Tse Guinea and a God-honoring wedding reception in which we are able to bless the Valcins by helping them, including a successful and beautiful wedding cake remodel.

God bless you all and good night! Bon Nwit, Haiti 13 team

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