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Haiti 13, December 2017 – Tuesday Update

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Greetings from our team here at Jacob’s Well! Day two of camp went even smoother than yesterday as everyone was finding their rhythm. We flip flopped our teams so that some of us could experience serving at the Mobile Camp for the first time and others at Jacob’s Well.  Activities include archery, BB guns, 9 square, pit ball, crafts, Bible memory, steal the bacon, wiffle ball, soccer, sling shots, Bible drama, jump rope, and parachute popping. An impromptu activity that broke out today at mobile camp was hair styling the Americans’ hair!  The Haitian children are also fascinated by our skin, and we are poked and prodded endlessly. Today in the heat, our blood vessels provoked serious curiosity.

Each day, everyone is fed a nutritious and filling meal at lunch time. We are continually amazed at the quality AND the quantity of the food that comes out of Alicia’s kitchen! God has gifted this woman immensely, and she works tirelessly using her talents to serve others. Today the cooks prepared a flavorful chicken and rice dish that was hastily devoured by the campers!

Installments of the Moses drama continue each day and are fully Haitian led. We are amazed at the campers’ ability to memorize new Bible passages each day of camp.  Yesterday, all of the campers memorized Hebrews 11:23-26. Today’s passages were Romans 9:17-18 and Acts 7:33-34.  Much time is devoted to teaching these passages by cabin, and the Haitian counselors do a fantastic job keeping the children actively engaged in learning God’s Word.

After the campers filed out of the front gate, American snacks in hand, and the mobile team had returned from a successful camp at the Psalm 23 church, we got busy decorating the pavilion for Christmas. This will bless ministry guests that the Valcins host here at Jacob’s Well after we leave. We are missing a significant portion of the Christmas decor that we packed (our 7 checked pieces of luggage are still in Miami!), but it still looks very festive with the lights and garland that we do have. We are also making homemade snowflakes to hang that look quite beautiful.

Tomorrow will conclude our third day of camp, and we will have to say, “orevwa” for the year. Pray for these children and their families. They live daily with so very many challenges, including unimaginable poverty and circumstances far from their control. Pray that God will supply their needs, both spiritual and physical, through faithful supporters and prayer warriors like you all have been for us and for Tse Guinea and surrounding villages.

A special request tonight is for Tala, one of the Valcins long-time employees. She received the horrifying news during camp today that her home burned down – she lost all of what little she had. We are thankful she was safely here at Jacob’s well and out of harm’s way, but join us in praying for her. Pray that we can be of comfort to her and that she will know Gods peace and provision.

We hope to get to bed a little early tonight. We are pleasantly tired from a fun-filled day of serving and can’t wait to get after it again tomorrow! Thank you for lifting us up! Please don’t stop!

Bon Nwit, Haiti 13 team

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