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Haiti 15, March 2020 – Friday Update

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Dear Friends:

As I write this, we have just concluded our nightly Bible study after yet again another five star dinner cooked for us by Alicia. Tonight we looked at the book of Ruth and the beautiful picture of our kinsman Redeemer. The team is now packing up and preparing for departure from Haiti tomorrow.

We had a very full and fruitful  day with a second day camp in Bas Limbe. To be honest, we are not  sure how many children came today. We know it was a LOT!! The Lord provided sunshine and cool ocean breezes, lots of great bonding through camp activities, and we learned at the end that there was one child who accepted Christ as her Savior today after hearing the Gospel yesterday! That makes it all worthwhile!!

After camp ended, we were driven a mile or so to the beach with the Haitian counselors to take some pictures of the Caribbean Ocean and collect a few shells. There was a lot of great singing on the tap tap again today, only this time, we enjoyed the beauty of the countryside under sunny skies.

Please pray for smooth travel and unhindered re-entry to the US tomorrow. We have been fairly insulated from the serious situation unfolding there. Haiti has been remarkably calm, and the Lord has kept us safe in all our travels and activities. We are well and strong without even an allergy sniffle or upset stomach. Praise the Lord. He has been so good!

We look forward to letting you hear from us tomorrow night, Lord-willing from Miami. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Good night, and God bless!! Bon Nwit!

Haiti 15 Team

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