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Haiti 7, January 2012: Sunday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

From the Haiti Team:

Good Sunday evening! It’s been quite a day for this team! We had an early breakfast at 7 am and went to church in the village by 8 am. It was “BYOC” at church today… (Bring Your Own Chair)… Actually, if we wanted a place to SIT for the service, bringing our own chairs was a necessity. Church usually starts at 10 am, but somehow the starting-time was changed to accommodate US, but unfortunately, most of the Haitians didn’t get that memo, so it was just us until around 9 am. When the Haitians starting arriving, they were all dressed up and looking so “fine”. They led worship and sang from their hearts. It was very humbling to see the joy in their hearts and lives, when they have so little and the church is just made of sticks and tarps. I actually cried off-and-on through the service, just being so humbled by the genuine worship amidst their circumstances. What a joy to share that time with our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ!

Many of the church attendees have been coming to the camps that Frontier Camp has had here over the past 5 years at Jacob’s Well. Hans has seen many of these kids grow spiritually from year to year, and now some of them will be counselors at our day-camp. The pastor who came from Austin, TX preached this morning, and it was a great sermon regarding salvation and how to live a life for the Lord, especially for the Haitians but touching each one of us.

After lunch, we boarded the tap-tap for a trip to the beach. We had great time and the water was wonderful and we took three boats over from the mainland to the little island. After two hours there, a heavy rain rolled-in and we took TWO boats back… Little row-boats that had 18 and 20 people in each boat… With no life-jackets… In a rainstorm… In the ocean… But, we are all fine and now back at camp after a crazy ride back in the tap-tap.

We were drenched by the time we got back to camp, and the rain was still heavy… So tonight’s revival was postponed until tomorrow night… However, people have shown-up at church ANYway, and the rain has stopped, so we may be heading into town yet tonight, for a revival, Haitian-style!

Tomorrow starts camp. Pray that the rain would stop and that we’d be able to have every activity and that they children would come and that God would show up in a mighty way! We can’t wait to see what God will do here… We know it will be good!

Have a good week! It’s hard to believe that we’re over the half-way point of this trip, although I am not reminding anyone HERE of that fact… They’d be all depressed, I think. Suffice-it-to-say that they are still pumped to be here and eager to start camp tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers.

We love and appreciate y’all!

Love from Haiti, Karin.

(PS…Happy 29th anniversary to my wonderful husband, Greg!)

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