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Haiti 7, January 2012: Thursday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

From the Haiti team:

Hello from Haiti on this 2nd Anniversary of the big earthquake. There hasn’t been a lot of mention about it today, but we know it is a sad day in their history and we pray for the continued efforts to rebuild and recover.

Today was a full day of adventure for the team, including some of the Haitian camp counselors that went along for the day’s activities. Breakfast was at 5:30 am, and the tap-tap left Jacob’s Well at about 6:20am, bound for Cap Haitian. About 8 of us spent the morning at the only American hotel in Cap, called “Mont Joli,” swimming in their pool that overlooks the Carribean Sea, and eating a lunch of a juicy burger and fries! It was VERY good!

The rest of the team went on to hike The Citadel. By 11:45-ish, they were at the top, eating the sandwiches that Alecia had made. They said that it was incredible and we are all anxious to see pictures of it!! The hikers arrived back at The “Mont Joli” by 2pm and all had cokes around the pool before we all boarded the tap-tap and went down to the open market to shop. By 4:30 the team headed back to Jacob’s Well to clean-up some final work-projects (taking down one of the Ga-Ga pits, folding up tarps, re-wiring the water heater, etc.) and PACKING! The tap-tap leaves again at 7:30am for the airport in Cap Haitian… With a stop to get some Haitian coffee on-the-way.

I have to tell you what gracious hosts we have had these 10-11 days… Clay & Ashley Vaughan and Gersan & Betty Valcin have taken very good care of us and have helped us to understand the Haitian people and culture. Together we have helped to reach the children of Ti Guinea with the truth of Jesus Christ and made some major improvements to the facilities at the camp as well. Peter Marc is the new pastor of the local church, and he is passionate about these young people… Recognizing the importance of reaching this next generation of Haitians in order to impact the entire country for Christ. Alecia and her staff have fed us well and kept us healthy with the special way they cook for us Americans. Tala has cleaned the common areas and even washed (by HAND and scrub-basin) some special-need clothes for some of us! Our tap-tap driver has taken good care to get us where we need to be on-time and safely. We appreciate them all so much.

But… Be it ever-so-humble, we ARE about ready to be home with our families again, too, so are looking forward to our return to the U.S. tomorrow evening. Pray for safe travels and good connections, flight-wise. Pray that we will take a part of Haiti home with us, remembering the children and counselors that we have interacted with all week. Pray for the work that continues-on with the Vaughans (and Peter Marc) at Jacob’s Well and the Valcins in Port au Prince.

Reminder that we will be downloading all of the photos cards from everyone’s cameras at the airport before we part ways tomorrow evening, so those of you who are meeting the team… Please be patient with us. Oh yes… DO bring your clothespins or air-fresheners!!

See you soon, Lord willing!

“Au Revoir” from Haiti!

Love in Christ, Karin Monson (aka “Mama Geta.”).

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