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Haiti 8, January 2013: Monday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

From Hans, Monday evening:

Good evening friends and supporters of Jacob’s Well! We had a very productive day with lots of work projects, Haitian staff training, site preparation and a play time in the village with the children. One of the major projects and new amenities for the camp was the construction of a hand washing/drinking fountain station for the campers. The project was finished right before dinner with food service director, Kate Rudasill, taking charge of the final plumbing =) Kate knows pvc plumbing – who would’ve known?! Gillian Adams headed up our “mowing” crew (hand macheteing the field), and kept our guys working hard to keep her pace. The Haitian counselors came this afternoon for a camp tour and training in the various activities. They all played a round of pitball to learn the game. They seemed to enjoy it as much as the kids will. They also shot archery, bb guns, learned how to make the craft, and memorized the Bible verse. Gabe Johnson worked with the electrician to get power for the welder that we brought. We plan to construct some metal carts for the new tables and chairs we are enjoying at mealtimes. Speaking of mealtimes, tonight’s dinner was gourmet Haitian dining at its finest with chicken, rice with peas and a secret sauce, carrots and green beans, followed by a great rum cake.

Please pray for us tomorrow as the children will be arriving at our gate at 9:00 for the first day of camp. (We are on eastern time). We have encouraged the team to “put their armor on”. Satan doesn’t like what’s going on at Jacob’s Well, but we know God is stronger. Thank you for praying for us!!

Good night, and God bless each one of you.

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