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Haiti 9, January 2014: Friday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Morning came early for our team of 20 as our sleep was interrupted by airport security and cleaning personnel prior to being awakened at 3:45 by the gate agent eager to start the airline check in process. After an uneventful and fast flight in a new jet we landed in Cap Haitian and shuffled through customs (no duty was charged on the radio equipment after Gersan made an appearance and talked with the customs officials). We loaded into the big truck for the traditional trip through the city gates and out into the country side on our way to rural Tse Guinea. Kids were running and greeting us as we pulled through the village on our way to the gate.

Things have certainly changed here at camp! We were impressed by the new radio station building, the beautiful tile and upgrades in the kitchen, the improved pathways, and the wonderful new metal roof on the eating pavilion being finished by the team from First Baptist Church Grapeland with the assistance of some of our staff. We had a great lunch, some nap time to recover, and then a camp tour to look over the recreation areas for the upcoming day camp. That tour ended up at the village church and school yard of course and the play day with the kids. We ended watching a portion of a soccer match between our village and a neighboring rival before heading off for a delicious supper of chicken, rice and beans with wonderful cooked veggies (all with amazing sauces). A bread pudding topped off the whole affair. We had a devotion on Jeremiah following the meal and a worship time with Lemuel (FBC Grapeland) leading us on the guitar.

The team turned in early after a sendoff prayer for the FBC team leaving in the morning.

Please pray for us as we start the task of getting the camp ready in the morning – there are lots of projects to be completed. Thanks for your support!

In Him,


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