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Haiti 9, January 2014: Thursday Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

This morning began very early as about two-thirds of the team opted to hike Double Head Mountain. We left by flashlight at 5:30 a.m., reaching the summit by 7:00. The weather was perfect, the view breath-taking, and the fellowship sweet. We found the stone “ebenezer” we erected last year, and there we sang “Come Thou Fount” before starting our descent.

We spent the rest of the morning packing up personal and group gear. Dan Wales spent the day continuing the work on the radio station. After lunch, the entire F.C. group loaded up in the tap tap to head for the beach. We visited a new beach this year and had a blast body surfing, resting, and playing with a few local children in the sand.

Our trip back to Jacob’s Well turned out to be an opportunity to witness God’s sovereignty, providence, and protection. Unlike any other beach excursion before, we left Jacob’s Well loaded to the gills with medical supplies. God ordained this, as well as Tomas Johnson’s recent completion of Wilderness First Responders Certification. We witnessed a horrible motorcycle accident resulting in some very serious injuries. We are all marveling at the way God placed us at just the right place at the right time. We would appreciate your prayers for Julia, the Haitian young lady who sustained the most critical injuries. We know God will use this accident for good and for his glory.

We plan to drive out of Jacob’s Well’s gates at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, arriving, Lord-willing, in Houston at 8:25 p.m. Thank you for praying for our safe travels, and please continue to pray for Jacob’s Well and the village of Tse Guinea. We cannot wait to see you all, show you all our pictures, and communicate more fully all that God is doing here in Haiti!

God bless, and good night! (Bon Nwit)

Hans and Autumn Meinardus for the Haiti 9 Team

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