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Haiti Day Camp – Final Update

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Today was a slightly more relaxed and restful day. We were excited to attend the church in the village with many of the camp leaders and kids who came to camp. The music was beautiful as always, and we got to listen to special songs from both the ladies’ choir and the men’s choir. They were amazing! Afterwards, we helped clean up and take down some of the activity sites and were able to visit with some of the Jacob’s Well staff for awhile.  The we headed back to the church to see the Kid’s Club take place.

Every Sunday afternoon, Smith  (the local church pastor and one of the camp leaders who was also a former camper at Jacob’s Well) and several other leaders run a Kid’s Club.


Included during this time, the children are taught a Bible lesson, and they memorize verses, sing songs, and play games. We didn’t want to interrupt the lesson time so we stayed outside.  We could still hear so we enjoyed listening to them learn.  Afterwards we played games with them. Hand clapping games, duck duck goose, and tag are always favorites!

We are planning a quick trip up Double Head mountain tomorrow morning before our flight. And then we will say farewell to Jacob’s Well and Ti Guinea and all our friends … until next time!


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