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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I’m 39 years old and I cannot remember in my conscious lifetime a death attracting more attention than that of Steve Jobs. His passing has dominated headlines, internet posts and profile picture changes. Responses have ranged from thoughtful eulogies to crass terms such as iDied. I suppose the reason for the fascination is that his innovations that included iPod and the mouse (I didn’t know that) are products that we use every day.

With the character and popularity of politicians, music artists and sports heroes tarnished to say the least, Jobs’ life and especially death have made the tech generation sit up and take notice. While all this attention is focused on Mr. Jobs and his early death, there are scores of people all around us considering their own life and mortality.

What is my purpose in life? Am I making a difference? Will people remember when I’m gone? What will happen when I die?

These are tough questions we’re grappling with and yet thankfully the answers are clearly written down in the Bible for us. Certainly death is a reality for us, “It is appointed unto man once to die and then to face judgment” (Hebrews 9:27). That is a pretty somber verse and the whole judgment thing can leave one feeling a bit squeamish. That squeamish feeling really only comes from the questions, “Will I measure up.”

The Bible is clear on that question too. The answer is a resounding NO, we won’t measure up (Romans 3:23). Of course the story doesn’t stop there but offers hope through the sacrifice of God’s Son Jesus. Jesus has already “measured up” and lived a perfect, sinless life. Then He died and took on the sin of the world. All that is left is for us to believe on Jesus and accept His payment of our sins on the cross.

Then there is the question about purpose in life. Our life’s purpose is made very clear in Romans 12:1, “…in view of God’s mercy [Jesus dying for you], offer your bodies as living sacrifices…” Our purpose in life is simply to please God by worshipping Him and serving others.

Will people remember me when I’m gone? That remains a sticky question. The answer is no. People are already changing their profile pictures off of Apples and onto the logo of the Texas Rangers or some other worthy pursuit. We all have a short attention span.

Don’t be discouraged. While you personally may not be remembered long after you die, your family and the others that you invest in will in turn sacrifice for others and on down the line for generations to come. You can make a difference and you will be remembered in this way.

So, turn off your iPhone tonight, take the earbuds of your iPod out and plug into your family. Make a difference. Serve as a living sacrifice. iSacrifice will be the gizmo that changes the world.

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