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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

There is something very pure about Thanksgiving. It is the one holiday in our year that isn’t over marketed or picked on by the politically correct crowd. Sure Black Friday continues to try and crowd it out and I’m sure you noticed the stores putting out Christmas stuff earlier than ever this year. But Thanksgiving remains above the fray of political correctness and out of reach from the over-zealous marketers.

It is a time of family, feasting and football. It is just fun. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to freeze the moments of the Thanksgiving holiday and not let it end. Have you ever had those thoughts?

I hope you’ll savor those moments this weekend. Do your part to promote the pro-family atmosphere of Thanksgiving. Ask an older relative about life in the “good ol’ days.” Have the family historian review how your ancestors came over to this great country. Share what you are thankful for and challenge others to recount their blessings. Find a Psalm and ask if you can read it right before the big meal. At half-time of the big game see if you can get a pick-up game going in the backyard…even Gramps might want to relive the glory days.

Above all spend some quiet time alone with the Lord and tell Him that you’re thankful for His Son. What a Savior we have in Jesus! No matter what trial you are going through, Jesus’ sacrifice is one thing of which we can all be thankful.

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