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9:00 AM Breakfast

We hope you’re hungry, because it’s time to dig in and get some fuel for our day! Homemade biscuits, pancakes, fresh fruit, breakfast tacos, and more; breakfast is many camper’s favorite meal of the day, and with good reason! Teen Campers also receive their mail during breakfast!

9:40 AM Personal Bible Study & Cabin Clean-Up

At camp, we start our day off right: with time spent in The Word! God’s Word that is, the Bible. After breakfast, we spend some time tidying up our cabins, then read a selected passage of scripture and think through some questions provided. The scripture and questions tie into the weekly campfire messages for the week.


10:30 AM Morning Recreation

Grab your friends and bring your competitive side! Mornings at Teen Camp are all about the weekly cabin competition–cabin pride and the weekly prize are on the line! Every day features a different activity, from the Titan Challenge mud run, to dodgeball, water kickball, arrow tag, Lake Maverick competitions, and lots more!

12:30 PM Lunch

We all head inside out of the sun to chow down on some great food and tell our cabin mates about all the exciting things we did that morning! And be sure to eat up, because there’s still a lot of fun left to be had today!


1:15 PM Cabin Time

You don’t have to take a nap, but we won’t stop you if you want to! This down time after lunch gives teen campers some designated inside “chill time.” You can use it to work on memory verses or write a letter home, but don’t be surprised if an impromptu dance party or hacky-sack game breaks out in your cabin that you want to jump in on!

1:45 PM Worship

In the afternoons after lunch, when the sun is high in the sky we take a break from recreation and head inside the Quarry. There we take a few moments to enjoy the AC and enjoy worshipping our God together. We play modern worship songs that teens and staff enjoy praising God with!


2:10 PM Seminars or Wreck-It

We have Biblical seminars three times a week that allow campers to dig deeper in to scripture in a hands-on way through games or group activities. On the other two days, campers have wreck-it time with their cabin, a time to bond with their cabin mates over a group game or challenge against another cabin.

3:15 PM Afternoon Recreation

From the game room to wakeboarding to whiffle ball to rodeo practice to ropes course and more, the best part about activities at Teen Camp is you can do something different every day! Try something new or have fun doing what you already love with the friends you came with or new ones you just met!


6:30 PM Dinner

Most nights we eat dinner in the Quarry, but other nights we head out on the campgrounds for hamburgers down at the lake or BBQ at the rodeo. Wherever we are, the last meal of the day is just the beginning of the evening, so get ready for even more fun!

7:15 PM Evening Recreation

The evening is still young, and we’ve got plenty left to do before the sun goes down! From water games (that may or may not involve rubber ducks!) at Lake Mav, to hanging out at Houston County Lake, to the carnival and rodeo on Thursday, every day has its own special activity!


8:30 PM Campfire

Not much says camp like a campfire and we have one every night, though sometimes we have it inside (sans actual fire!) Campfire includes singing worship songs and a Biblical message delivered by one of our Full Time or summer leadership staff members. All campfire messages for a week center on a theme.

9:30 PM Overtime or Night Game

During Overtime, the Quarry Store and Game Room will be open for campers to hang out and get some snacks while they challenge their friends to a game. At least one evening a week we play a night game out on the campgrounds. Under the cover of darkness, you’ll need stealth and skill to succeed in your tasks and win points for your cabin!


10:30 PM Showers and Evening Devotions

After a long fun day at camp, everyone heads to their cabins for showers and cabin devotions. During devos counselors present a short Bible lesson before everyone hits the sack for the night. Cabin devotion time provides the campers an interactive and small group setting for Bible study.

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