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Teen Campers have the freedom to choose each day what activities they participate in, but it still helps to know ahead of time what the options are! Leave your boredom at home this summer, because with this many fun things to do, your schedule is sure to be full!


Cable Park

Exclusive to the Fossil Creek facility, our Cable Park is the absolute best way to learn watersports such as wakeboarding, wakeskating, or skiing. The FC Cable Park sports two floating features – a flatbox and a kicker – to help campers progress in their riding. You’ll love the relaxing atmosphere of the cable park as you can hop right off the water and sit on the sidelines as your friends take their turns.

The Lagoon

The Lagoon at Lake Maverick is a great place to be on hot summer days! The swimming area has a zero entry beach and a gradual slope. Whether you’re swimming in the cool water, testing your balance on the rolling log, or hanging out on the floating dock and watching your friends fly off the Blob, there’s always plenty to do at The Lagoon!



Three afternoons a week, we hang outside in the shade on the big Quarry porch to get crafty! Come for a few minutes, or hang out the whole time perfecting your creation; the fun projects and great fellowship make the “crafts porch” a happening place to be! Past crafts have included string art signs, magnet boards, duct tape flowers, homemade candles, and more.

Crate Stacking

Climbing a stack of crates doesn’t sound too hard, right? It may look easy from the ground, but you’ll quickly discover the challenge when you’re balancing on a stack of crates in the middle of the air! Campers are secured while they climb (and descend) via an auto belay system, and this activity is fun to try once, or to see if you can’t set a new camp record for speed or number of crates!


Ropes Course

The Frontier Camp Giant Swing, high ropes course with double zip line, and Junkyard Leap will be open for Teen Campers at least once during the week. In addition, Teen Campers have access to the Fossil Creek ropes course throughout the week. Come race your friends on the zip line, jump off to catch the trapeze at the junkyard or swing for the sky on the giant swing!

Trail Rides & Rodeo Practice

Available at different times throughout the week, everyone is welcome to join us for a fun trail ride around camp. This half hour to an hour ride requires no previous riding experience and is a great camp activity! For those with prior horseback riding experience, you may want to try out for the FC Rodeo! Riders practice every afternoon for a chance to compete on Thursday evening in front of the whole camp.


Laser Tag

Three days a week, sign up to compete in an epic laser tag battle in the East Texas woods! Campers get to use our state of the art laser tag system to engage in all sorts of battles and challenges against their fellow campers! Oh, and on Friday nights, we kick on the generator lights and commence a few rounds of Zombie tag!

Skeet Shooting

Located at our Promised Land Shooting Sports Range, campers can learn how to safely handle and operate a shotgun under the instruction of our trained Range Officers. Our skeet range offer opportunities for beginners and experienced shooters alike to compete and hone their skills while shooting at flying clay targets.



A Frontier Camp classic, archery is also located at our Promised Land Shooting Sports Range. Campers can use compound bows and arrows specifically designed for their size to shoot a variety of targets!

Whiffle Ball

Baseball inside?! The only place it is OK to hit a ball inside is at camp! One of the most popular activities at camp, whiffle ball is played in the chapel during afternoon recreation. Similar to baseball in many ways, there are some differences (you can “peg” someone out!) but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Come swing for the fences, er, the sound booth, with us in whiffle ball!



Perhaps the only game at camp more popular than Pit Ball, Dodge Ball is a Teen Week favorite! We use soft foam dodge balls so even when they’re thrown hard, they don’t hurt, but the dedicated campers will jump, flip or dive to avoid getting hit! Cabin challenges, multiple lives, handicaps, and partners all add unique twists to games and never fear if you get out, the next game will start soon!

Pit Ball

Pit Ball is a fast-paced, fun and addicting game! Best described as “dodge-ball in a box” campers (and staff) love to play! We haven’t tested this theory, but based on how much time campers spend playing Pit Ball, we think we could give them a ball and a pit, and they’d be happy just playing Pit Ball all week.


Field Games

Our large Athletic Field is host to a variety of games throughout the week. From football to ultimate frisbee, or a quick soccer game before lunch, there’s almost always something happening on the field. Take a break from the lake and challenge your friends to a game!

Disc Golf

Take the scenic route around Fossil Creek as you play the 9-hole disc golf course. Easy to pick up (think golf, but with Frisbees!) this game is fun with a couple friends or your whole cabin and is a great activity any time of the day. Come “putt” for the lowest score to win this summer!


Gym Games

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, or challenging your counselor to a game, the gym is always a fun place to be. With basketball courts, Pit Ball, four-square and nine-square-in-the-air, you won’t be bored in the gym. Guy counselors especially love to take on challengers in the games!

Archery Tag

Description and Picture Coming Soon


Quarry Store

Using their camper spending account, campers can make purchases in the Quarry Store, located on the second floor of the Quarry. The store is stocked with FC merchandise and lots of snacks and drinks for refreshment during the week! Grab something to go or come hang out in the AC in the café for a bit. The Store is open multiple times a day, including during Sunday Check-In and Saturday Pick-Up, so stop on by and see us!

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