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Frontier Camp partners with Psalm68five Ministries to offer Timothy Week: a wonderful week of summer camp for the fatherless at Frontier Camp!

Most of us have fathers. They teach us life skills like how to tie a tie, how to drive a car, how to succeed at that job interview, how to follow God. But what about the millions of kids whose father is absent? The statistics tell us that many of them will grow up to become drug addicts, school drop-outs, alcoholics or teen suicide stories. We believe God has a better plan.

We are thankful to be able to provide a free camp experience to fatherless kids, so they can hear about their Heavenly Father and His love for them.



4:00 Check-In, Move in, Cabin Time 
5:30 Orientation
6:30 Cookout Supper
8:00 Campfire
9:20 Head to Bed

Monday – Wednesday
8:40 Flagpole
9:00 Breakfast
9:40 Morning Devotions
10:15 Morning Recreation
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Session 2
2:45 Quarry Time
3:15 Afternoon Recreation
6:30 Supper
7:15 Evening Activity
8:30 Campfire
9:20 Overtime
9:50 Cabin Devotions
10:30 Lights Out

8:40 Flagpole
9:00 Breakfast
9:40 Morning Devotions
10:15 Camp-wide Activity
11:30 Session 5
12:30 Lunch and Award Ceremony
1:30 Pack-up
2:30 Closing Ceremony

Anchor 1


• Horseback riding
• Riflery
• Archery
• Waterskiing
• Wakeboarding
• Tomahawk Throwing
• Basketball
• Swimming
• Blobbing
• Waterslides
• Laser Tag
• Arrow Tag
• Crafts
• Ropes Course
• Dodgeball
• Soccer
• Pit Ball

Please note, not all activities offered during a traditional Junior Camp or Teen Camp will be offered during Timothy Week. In addition, there will be several activities unique to Timothy Week each summer!


If you know of a fatherless child that would benefit from Timothy Week, you can register them here [registrations open in Spring].  If you want to help us financially by sponsoring a Timothy Week camper, you can give here

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