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The Growing FC Family – Meet our new Maintenance Director: Marcus Horne

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Marcus Horne and his family joined the FC family at the beginning of February, and we’re super excited about that! Marcus joins us as the Maintenance Director, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce him and his family to you. But to really get to know him, you’ll just have to catch him during summer camp!

What are some highlights of your maintenance career?

I really enjoyed working with John Deere Ottumwa Works and John Deere Ankeny Works.  I was a field technician working with experimental hay equipment and self-propelled sprayers.  My job was to work daily with the farmers to try to tear up the equipment, document the failures, and repair the machinery.  Some of the projects made it to production and some did not. I was fortunate enough to travel to almost all of the states east of Colorado, as well as Alberta Canada, and Australia.

How long have you been in a maintenance role?

I have been repairing machinery since 1999

What Fightin Texas Aggie class are you?

I graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering in May 2003.  I enjoyed A&M for 4 1/2 years and worked a semester in the work program before graduating.

Why camp ministry?

God led me to Frontier Camp.  I had prayed for God to bring a job that would allow me to grow spiritually and also allow me to be able to include my family whenever possible.  Mr. Matt called me out of the blue. He did not know what I did or that I was even looking for a job. We had previously met at a local Awana ministry during game time.  God led him to think of me. That is how I KNOW God wanted me here.

Names of your wife and kids with ages?

Faith (Wife).  Nate (son – 10 years old).  Leah (daughter – 9 years old).  Triston (son – 7 years old).

What is one of your favorite verses (or passage) in the Bible?

I can’t help but love the classic John 3:16.  That is the verse that I usually think of first.

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