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The Next Frontier (Director Update)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Four times Frontier Camp placed confidence in me that caused me to increase my reliance on the Lord. First was the summer of ’92 when I was hired as a Senior Counselor. The second, in ’94, I was asked to become Program Director. Three years later I was hired as Assistant Director. Finally, the role of Executive Director was entrusted to me in August 2003 at the age of 31. What a humbling and exciting ride this has been.

Now, I ask you to place in me a new confidence. In January, I decided it was time for me to step down as the Executive Director of Frontier Camp. I was offered a position with Edward Jones to train and become a Financial Advisor stepping into the office of a friend and retiring Advisor here in Crockett. After much prayer and counsel, I accepted this offer and my training begins in September. Until then, I will continue to serve and devote my full attention to camp in the capacity of Executive Director.

As we prepared to roll out this news back in early March, the Coronavirus hit our shores and none of us have been the same. It has taken my full attention to navigate through this crisis. Even as I revisited my decision to step down, the Lord continued to affirm the timing. As we walk through these challenging times I have full confidence in the leadership the Lord has in place at various levels in this ministry.

The camp’s Board of Directors has selected a committee to begin the search for my replacement. This committee will look at candidates both internally and externally to select only the third Executive Director for Frontier Camp since 1978. If you know someone who should be considered, please have them send their resume to

Together we have made much progress under the leadership of our Savior. There is much more to do. I believe camp has the right resources in friends like you as well as the board and staff leadership to achieve yet more under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Christian camping is as vital in 2020 as it has ever been and here are a few reasons this is true:

  1. Creation moves people toward the Creator.

  2. We have the ability to gather people who do not know Jesus and share His offer of salvation.

  3. Those who have the Savior can be equipped and encouraged while at camp to grow in their relationship with Jesus and share Him with others.

  4. Camp offers a level playing field. The campfire beckons the underserved first-time camper or guest as well as the FC frequent flier to this special place.

  5. Hospitality is an international love language that FC speaks well.

  6. Sheltering in place has made us all acutely aware that we were created for relationship.

Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for providing an unparalleled outlet for serving Jesus. Thank you for being faithful. Please be in prayer for summer 2020, truly a summer like no other.

Your friend on the Frontier,

Matt Raines

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