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Belize Updates - Monday

We started the morning off around 7 with coffee and personal Bible study. Juan and Mark, the chefs for Samuel’s Sanctuary, had a wonderful breakfast of French toast, sausage, and eggs. We ate and then headed to the Country Barn to join the employees for their morning devotion in John chapter 3. The Country Barn is Dino and his wife’s nonprofit ministry business. We got to have a time of sharing with all the Country Barn employees.  Since most of the village kids were in school, we spent the rest of the morning scouting 5 Blues Lake National Park. We hiked a 2-mile loop around the lake, and we got to see lots of jungle and limestone cliffs. Hans gave us a quick geology lesson during the hike. We got behind schedule bit on the hike, so we were late to lunch. Thankfully Juan still let us eat the enchiladas he prepared. On the way the to the Play Day with the village kids at the park, we happened to make a stop at the Country Barn for some ice cream. They make it all homemade right there!

We got to the park at 2 expecting kids at 2:30, but the first group showed up around 3:30 so we cut some coconuts, drank coconut milk, and relaxed in the shade. Once kids got there, we played some futbol and made bracelets. Once the group got large enough, we got a game of three ball and a duct tape pig baseball (a spin off of a game we play in sports class at FC). The kids had lots of fun and so did all the staff. Around 4:45 we shut things down and headed to dinner back at the sanctuary. This evening we set up a little archery range for Dino’s grandchildren. We taught them the range command’s which got translated to “Rangers Clear”. The kids had never shot before but did well. After it got dark, we visited with the mayor of the Village and enjoyed a wonderful breeze. We are preparing for a big day tomorrow. We are excited to keep everyone updated. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Will Raines for the Belize 1 Team

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